As an editor, I love finding ways of teasing out the best from my clients and, like most who choose this line of work, I love the act of collaborating. Communication is an art. Something may be perfectly clear to me, (or you), but when something doesn’t seem to be getting through, reframing is the way to go instead of merely repeating. This well-known urban legend is a great analogy of that:

One foggy night, a massive aircraft carrier signaled another ship to change course to avoid a collision. The other signaled back that the aircraft carrier¬†should fall off instead. The captain of the carrier, now irate, repeated the demand. “I am an aircraft carrier.” The other signaled back, “I am a lighthouse.”

Paradigm shifs happen all the time in the process of writing.

Developmental Editing

For those who need incisive questions and straightforward, balanced feedback on any and all elements of story: character, plot, voice, structure, pacing and delivery, at any stage of the writing process.


For those who are stuck, need to get back on track or don’t know where or how to begin.

(Not surprisingly, coaching and editing often go hand-in-hand.)


$40/hour. To make sure it’s a good fit, I ask new clients to submit two to three pages for editing at no charge.

I generally use track changes as an editing tool but can work off a hard copy, if preferred.

The Goal

Whether your writing process¬†is painful, liberating, exasperating, fulfilling, or all of the above, there’s nothing like getting to the heart of something you want to put into words.

My philosophy as editor and coach is to establish a partnership based on mutual respect — a true collaboration.

While I can offer suggestions and guidance, it is your, the author’s, vision that takes precedent.